About Rejoice Landscape: Rejoice Landscape was founded by Luis Maldonado in 2012 with the sole foundation on (Bringing Back The Family). Using nature and it’s wonders Luis came up with a extraordinary idea, which came to be Nature & Family. Nature & Family describes the foundation to the company which brings us back to the founding idea where; as both parents and children come home from our daily schedules we can come home and enjoy the center of our garden joint with our family and enjoy the small things in life which are found in our own home. Luis not only enjoy’s serving people and families but what he’s most passionate about is  placing a smile on your face and being able to see yourself and your family come together while enjoying quality time at it’s best, which to him is absolutely Priceless. 

What we perform:

Rejoice Landscapes provides a wide range of landscape ideas which brings paradise straight to your home, such as:
  • Your very own Landscape Design
  • Landscape Tear Outs
  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Irrigation (Install & Repair)
  • Landscape Lighting (Front & Back Yard)
  • Landscape Lighting (Install & Repair)
  • Landscape Patios (Front & Back Yard)
  • Landscape Pavers (Front & Back Yard)
  • Landscape Walkways
  • Landscape Annuals (For every season) & (Holiday)
  • Landscape Sod Installation
  • Landscape Pottery
  • Landscape Pottery Irrigation
  • Landscape Plants and Trees Specialize in (Big & Small)
  • Specialize in Decorative Pottery (Front & Back)